About K.I.R.B. 

K.I.R.B. is an American Artist from California whose unique voice and diversity of genres allows him to be different. He is supported by and worked with some well known artists and producers such as Paulie Lepark, Danny Towers, Nick Mira, and B Karma. He has also been featured on Adam 22’s livestream on his main channel “No Jumper” where he showed his support and enjoyed his song. With upcoming collaborations with many different artists, K.I.R.B. has shown that he is willing to explore more opportunities to grow his craft for his music and to discover new opportunities. 
 At 19 years old, K.I.R.B. is able to match a lot of different artists with his catchy flows or lyrics; but what sets him apart is his ability to utilize his vocals and his ability to blend genres together.

Growing up in a low-income neighborhood of Imperial County, Michael Kirby spent most of his time surviving. Surrounded by crime, drugs and violence, he turned inward to find his salvation. He started writing poetry while in middle school and started making music in high school. Now 19, he loves performing because it allows him to express himself. “My parents did a great job protecting me from that environment by keeping me inside the house during my childhood,” Kirby said. “But without music, I probably would be lost.”